About Me

Nothing much to say about me, except my name is John, I live in Brazil, I suffer from various types of mental illnesses and my clock is ticking.

I’ve had my share of experiences in life. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I even worked in Japan as a graphic designer. But now my life is resumed to a darkness darker than black, as it’s almost palpable.

I’ve lost everything I once had: love, friends, family, money, job, mental stability and my life has been just spiraling down fast recently.

I don’t seek attention and I can’t stand condescendence. I always thought that there would be someone like me and who would be able to grasp at what I go through everyday. I’ve tried looking for a real friend, you know, those kind of people who would stand by you no matter what and when you’re at the bottom of the pit they’d stay there with you until you’re ready to get out.

However these kind of people don’t seem to exist in this world nowadays, since it’s become a place of violence, competition, egoism, self-centrism and hatred.

I really hope I’m wrong and these people do exist, but life has proven me contrary so far.