Side B – Numb

Don’t wanna hear the news
What’s going on
What’s coming through
I don’t wanna know
don’t wanna know
Just wanna hide away
make my escape
I want the world
to leave me alone
Feels like I feel too much
I’ve seen too much
For a little while
I want to forget

I wanna be numb
I don’t wanna feel this pain no more
Wanna lose touch
I just wanna go and lock the door
I don’t wanna think
I don’t wanna feel nothing
I wanna be numb
I just wanna be
wanna be numb

– Pet Shop Boys –

I wish I could feel numb, completely numb and feel nothing at all about this world. This would be a great gift.

I’ve once dreamed of finding a nice girl, having a great relationship and having a happy family for the rest of my life. But apparently the nice girls all have someone already and having a relationship these days seems an unbearable task to undertake.

The perfect example would be from my favorite movie “One Day”. I’d like a simple girl like that, without the madness of many women these days, who wishes what she can for the moment and doesn’t give up on a dream, even if it takes baby steps to achieve it.

That movie portrayed the perfect woman I wished in my life. But there’s so such woman outside the movies these days. Make no mistake, this is not only about women. Men are no better nowadays. I’m an exception for men these days, I like to be romantic, caring and help my partner however I can, even if it’s just by cooking dinner or helping doing the laundry.

There won’t be any more relationships for me since I won’t be here to try and have another go.

For now I just wish I could be numb.


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