Side B – Forgotten

Don’t remember the night,
The burn of your eyes,
The moment I first knew you were mine.

You made me fall,
I just can’t recall,
The beginning and how you stole it all.

Oh I never thought someone could kill my soul.
You held me in your arms as I let you go,
And now I’m all alone.

– Valora –

I, like many other memories will soon be forgotten. I will be just a glimpse of what once existed and is no longer here.

You will not remember my face after some time, nor my voice, my personality, my way of speaking, not even my name most probably. You’ll see a new Facebook memorial for someone who’s not there anymore and that’s it, your lives will move on and things will go back to normal.

The shock of one committing suicide will be of a great impact at first, of course, but that too will soon fade away.

If I haven’t mentioned any names, have no doubt, I do this to preserve your identities and whatever impact you might have had on what’s to come. There won’t be any names in this tape.

I also have no feelings of anger, hatred or anything of the sort towards any of you. You had no idea what was going on and how could you? I was always great on hiding my feelings and wearing a mask, Maybe it’s my zodiac sign, Gemini, one face cries and the other laughs. I was the one who decided which to show you all.

To end this tape, I wish you all to have happy and joyful lives. No regrets here, so no worries.

I will soon be forgotten anyway.


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