Side B – Confinement

I kill myself in small amounts
In each relationship it’s not about love
Just another funeral
And just another girl left in tears

And I’m waiting
With the sound turned off, I’m waiting
Like a glass balloon, I’m fading
Into the void and then I’m gone, I’m gone, I’m gone

– Marilyn Manson –

Side B is dedicated to my other good friends, which I can name a few, like João Gabriel, Leitão, Serjão, Luana, Érika, Erich Amaral, Aline, Livia Nali (which is also an ex-girlfriend), Samuelzinho, Vinicius Pereira, Angelita and many others I am deeply sorry but I will forget at the moment.

I just want you all to know you were always part of my memories, of my existence, and that I’ve never forgotten any of you. Also, I want you all to know there was nothing you could have done to avoid my death as well. I was too far gone and reached a point of no return.

You were always reasons for me to go to school, to laugh, to live, to go on. But I’ve reached a moment in life where all the reasons disappeared and nothing made any sense anymore, so I had to go. I am so sorry.

I’d rather go now while I am still lucid than go insane and get committed to a hospital for the rest of my life.

I also wish you all happiness, success and all realization possible in your lives. Don’t regret any single day and don’t take any day for granted. Make everyday worthwhile.

Cheers people and my goodbyes.

My mind is already gone and now I stay in deep confinement inside myself.


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