13 Reasons Why

You can’t rewrite the past. The past is over.  You cant go back and change it.  You cant take back things that you said, or do things you wish you had.  Once you walk away from an opportunity it is gone.  There is no changing it.  If someone had done what they thought was right in the moment, then the past would not need to be rewritten.

– 13 Reasons Why –

You may wonder about the similarities about my lost tapes and the TV Show 13 Reasons Why. It’s simple, that was my inspiration. However I’m not here to set blame on a bunch of people (although I will now and then) about my death.

Hannah’s story on the show is in no way similar to mine and neither are our lives. That point is clear. I wasn’t abused, bullied or anything like that, although many of my so-called friends turned their backs on me like in her case.

The inspiration came by the simple fact that I want to separate my life into pieces and “the tapes” were the best inspiration of all. I’ve finished watching the show by the way, so no worries about spoilers here.

There are more than 13 reasons why I’ll end my life and there will be more tapes than there are on the show.

13 Reasons Why is for me what Detachment, The Perks of Being a Wallflower or The Silver Linings Playbook were. The reality we live in, where everyone is detached from one another, where nothing makes sense and everything spirals out of control substantially fast.

So, my dear reader, the TV Show has nothing to do with my death. I just thought I should clarify that.


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