Traversing The Portals Of Reality

My God is better than yours
And the walls of my house are so thick
I hear nothing at all

I followed you out in the storm
But it carried you off
And I burned every picture of yours
Was that not enough?

My gun is bigger than yours
So let’s arm the masses
And see what the bastards do then
Walking tall once set us apart
Now we’re down on all fours
Do you cry my name in the dark
Like I do yours?

These storms are getting stronger now
Trusses all bend and sway
Lightning hits, the power goes out in the fray
As the waves crash high
And the shoreline disappears
I will scream to the sky
“Hey, people live here.”

– Rise Against –

I’m officially doomed and done. Things have been getting worse and worse each passing day. I haven’t been eating at all, I’m all out of cigarettes and my mind is in a complete confusion, not to say delusion.

I’m not sure how many more of these posts I’ll be able to write (I was actually finding some comfort here) because things are going down fast, and I mean really fast. I’m about to lose control and do something I’d probably regret if I could.

I feel a deep void right now between me and the world. Nothing makes sense, nothing has meaning, nothing has a purpose anymore. I am like a ghost story and I’ll be the eternal haunting that forever resides and yet never lives.

I am sorry for the confusions in this post, but my mind is not right at the moment and I surely can’t right anything that makes any sense at all, meaning I’m probably going insane (if I’m not already).

I’m going to die soon, I’m pretty sure of that. I just don’t know how. All I know is one day something inside me will click and than, it’s done.

All I feel is like I’m traversing the portals of reality right now.


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