Just Tonight

Just tonight I will stay and well throw it all away. When the light hits your eyes. Its telling me I’m right. And if I, I am through. Then its all because of you. Just tonight

– The Pretty Reckless –

Just tonight I’ll lie and you’ll believe. I’m feeling great, amazing actually; never been better.

Just tonight I’ll pretend I’m not being devoured inside by my anger, hatred, anguish and pain. I’ll fake a smile to everyone I meet while inside I’m being crushed. I’ll tell everyone I’m feeling amazing and that things have gotten much better.

It’s because of you that just tonight I’ll lie and pretend. Because you’ve ripped me apart and don’t deserve any respect from me. You have destroyed my existence and I’ll never forgive you, and more importantly, I’ll never forgive myself for still caring for you.

But all of this will be just for tonight. Tomorrow the apocalypse begins and I’ll take my revenge against this whole screwed world, person by person. I’ll not kill anyone. I’ll do worse, I’ll reap their hopes, dreams and happiness.

Seika, you have no idea the monster I’ve become because of you. And it was you who created this monster. I have no love to spare to anyone, no compassion anymore, not even one single good emotion.

One day I’ll destroy your dreams, illusions, happiness and hopes. Somehow I’ll do it because you don’t deserve any of them. Your soul is worthless and black. But mine became darker than yours. Revenge takes time but it will soon come on my terms.

For now, just tonight.


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