When He Falleth

I’ve realized something today. I don’t believe in human beings. Better yet, I despise them.

Humans just want to live their egocentric lives, make lots of money, get lots of dates, etc. but they lack the most crucial thing of all: humankind.

Humans were created for the purpose of live, breed, suffer indescribable torments and die. And that’s where I don’t understand God’s plan (I’m a catholic by the way). Why all this suffering for people like me? Why can’t I have one moment of joy or at least hope?

I have nobody, I mean nothing to anyone. People tell me I’m good-looking but who cares? I’m not interested in that. I want something meaningful, something real.

I don’t expect you, reader, to care about me. I know most of you don’t even get to the end of the post. But I still hope there’s someone out there to whom I can relate.

Today was the day of my fall. And when I falleth, I falleth like Lucifer.


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