Room of Angels

Today I can’t seem to be able to move, not even get up from bed. Leaving my apartment feels an impossible task and I’m completely overwhelmed by panic and despair. I feel so insignificant, lost and my mind is flying high. It’s a scary situation to be.

I look at every inch of my room and everything seems unfamiliar and odd. I’m locked in here and there’s nothing I can do. My mind refuses to allow me to leave and my body is nothing but an accomplice to it all.

I can feel the darkness lurking. It’s so thick I can almost touch it. The infestation stage is developing fast and I can sense in my bones that the oppression stage will very soon begin.

I cried a lot yesterday, but today I’m unable to shed a single tear. Everything is empty, dull, dead.

I used to have an angel in this room, but it no longer visits me. It’s far from here and its light is not here anymore.

This is maybe a place that not even angels dare to dwell.


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