End of Small Sanctuary

I’ve reached a point of no return. The fine line between sanity and insanity has been crossed and despair took over my once brilliant and creative mind.

Even though I’m still living in the same place, everything has changed. The lights have dimmed and changed their colors to a deep yellowish shade, the walls resemble of rust, the air seems suspended, thick and oppressive, the uncanny feelings are here, the sense of being alone and still being watched by someone, something.

This used to be my safe harbor, my shelter from the explosions and implosions so recurrent in life. Here I learned about real love, nature, tenderness and life. But now it’s all changed and this is no more a safe harbor, only a reminder of everything that’s been lost, burned and destroyed.

This in front of me is  “The Otherworld” and it’s a place of tears, death, inner demons and pain. Nothing here makes sense, this whole world makes no sense at all, I belong no more to this existence, I live with the shadows of a lost life, with bloody walls staring at me, voices that don’t go silent and now the sirens are echoing everywhere.

There’s something quite uncanny here right now, an evil presence I can only try to see, and it’s waiting, quietly in the deep of darkness, waiting for the right moment. I can almost hear it’s breathing, I can feel it’s there.

My safe harbor had been destroyed, replaced by a world of madness and darkness. I’m still waiting for the evil presence to make its move. To tell the truth, I’m anxious for it to come and end all this.

I used to be happy, but now this is the end of my small sanctuary.


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