A Tale of Memories

Long ago, when everything used to shine so bright I had a dream. A dream filled with green fields, joyful laughing and an immense feeling of peace and safety.

It made me feel warm, protected and hopeful. Hopes of years to be, people to come and moments to live. It’s been twenty years since that day and I’ve missed that dream every single day since then.

Memories are powerful tools for humanity to learn, evolve and be able to have a story. But it also can make you face the reality that sometimes you’d rather forget.

My memories are from days long gone by, dreams unfulfilled and lost hopes. Remember the dream I told you? It’s the tip of everything I wanted to be and the unfortunate reality that I can’t be.

I don’t want to be the way I am. I don’t want to feel all the things I feel about myself. But the darkness inside me won’t let me do otherwise. That invisible yet so strong force that pushes me everyday deeper into a hollowness filled only with oblivion.

This is a tale, but also a cry. A cry for help, a last resort in my efforts to maintain my existence and my sanity. Maybe it’s all in vain and no one will come to aid a dying soul, but it was worth trying.

That dream is gone now. As are everything that once shone, all the beautiful fields. The laughing gave place to tears, which eventually got replaced by emptiness and shadows.

It’s funny how we remember so vividly the laughing we once had and how everything seemed so easy and pleasant. And it’s funny how everything fades away so fast.

I wonder if some people are born only to be haunted by the invisible ghosts of time and life.

I still miss that dream. I miss feeling cared, cradled and special.

This is my story. These are my memories.


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