A Silent Motion of Stars

Soon, when the world ends, all the pieces that fell apart won’t matter anymore. When the lights fade away, nothing else will be left to flicker.
My memories, as time itself, will fade and cease to exist. And that last moment of hope before the storm will be only part of what used to be.

Love, oh, the most beautiful thing I found in this world. She is the radiance of life, an undefinable glimpse at the face of God. My memories of her, swirling on a on, and her face raging on my mind preventing me to go. But, the reason I once had to be no longer desires to keep me here and the hollowness takes care of my cracked heart, like a virus, spreading at each breath.

I still can see my parents’ faces, covered in shadows of years gone by. I remember their voices, asking me to be, wishing for me to love, begging me to smile. Will I see them now?

Now it’s time, to go and not regret, to fade and to forget.

I will leave, without saying goodbyes, without the deep pain of apologies. I will leave the same way I came, in a silent motion of stars.


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