The Symphony of Destruction

As I’ve said, my story will be backwards until when I was young. So, this comes as a follow up to my previous post.

As all of you might know by now I’ve lived and worked in Japan for a period of 4 years (from July, 2012 to November, 2016. During that time I’ve accomplished many things as I’ve lost many things as well; things that I’ll never get back no matter how hard I try.

The most important thing I’ve lost was myself, my essence, my virtues, my qualities, you name it.

To tell you a bit of my story there: I went to Japan married to a Brazilian woman and with my son. Everything seemed so fine until the endless fights and arguments began. She thought I had affairs with all my co-workers (which wasn’t true) and that led to a turmoil inside our home.

This got to a point where there was no turning back and we ended up getting a divorce and subsequently she got back with my son to Brazil and I remained in Japan.

After a while I met this amazing girl who took the breath out of my. She was gorgeous, caring, understood my mental illnesses and most of all she was always there for me.
This relationship was my safe harbor and it gave me a kind of peace I’ve never had before.

We were very happy (at least I thought so) and we kept this relationship going until that fateful night in October when all of a sudden she decided to break up with me and told me many horrible things about me and our relationship and how I’ve made her depressed.

After breaking up with me she decided to date a guy who was supposed to be one of my greatest friends in Japan and that destroyed it all. My heart raced with anger, my mind turned towards vengeance, my soul was broken and I became a bitter and cold person since then.

The destruction these events caused in my life cannot be measured. They tore me apart and ripped all good things from inside of me.

This post leads to The Beginning of the End, since it’s by that time that I decided my clock needed to stop.

This post is my symphony of destruction for those events caused the aforementioned.

Seika, that is a name that will be etched in my mind, heart and soul forever.


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